Tricks on Giving Learners Free Essay Topic Choices

Banning middle school English essays about sports, pets, and video games have benefited learners in multiple ways. Since most middle school learners mostly write on these topics, a ban has made them to focus on other topics. Banning may not be a good idea, but most teachers appreciate that it has enabled learners to perform better.

There are hundreds of topics learners can use when writing high school essays. However, tutors can help learners to perform better by suggesting the best topics. Here are several ways teachers can help learners choose the best topics, ensuring they write high-grade essays ever.

  1. Help the learners to focus

Suggest topics and ideas that don’t talk about the game generally. The essays would be better if written about the game’s unique traits, such as the actions and performances of particular players or goalkeepers within certain period during the game. It could be the responsiveness and concentration of the goalkeepers or a target player in first 30 minutes or last 20 minutes.

  1. Change of perspectives

Suggesting writing essay topics based on the perspective of the student provides them the flexibility to write on anything provided it tells about their unique objectives. Teaching learners to switch between several outlooks when writing an essay enables them to think from the deepest end, which allows them to be more informative. The learners can describe the game from parent’s perspective or the kid’s perspective who didn’t get involved in the game.

  1. Outline core sensory details

Tutors can suggest students to give their perspective about specific games and invite them to share several sensory details to the written piece. That may look as a complicated process but it has been accomplished by thousands of qualified novelists in single pages. Often, most students who are starting out concentrate more on the essay’s visual details, forgetting about the sensory information. You can challenge your writers to add sense of sounds, taste, and smell on their essays to boost the essay punchiness and exclusiveness.

  1. Write from a personal point of view

When engaging the students, you should ask them to think more evocatively about why they’re writing their essays. Challenge them to think about the essays from a personal point of view as that would guarantee exclusivity. Make them understand the benefits of being personal when writing essays even if they are writing on topics previously used by other writers. It would be great to challenge the learners to tell their personal stories but of course without neglecting essence of the topic in question.

  1. Change between forms and genres

Make the learners approach the essays from another genre or form. A good example would be making them write the essays from an angle of science fiction or mystery. They could as well write the essays from large game pantoums or sonnets. The trick works if a student is creative and smart enough to play around with words, and use the available content to create differently formatted content that touches on the topic without swaying.

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